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AIPH | Grant Associates

AIPH | Grant Associates


This commission for Bath based Grant Associates is a meditative expression of nature for semi-permanent installation at Rewilding Garden and Flower Pavilion as part of the Beijing Horticultural Expo, China.

Water, essential for all life.
Breathe, expression of clean air.
Food for all, intensifying food production using new horticultural
techniques in harmony with natures rhythm.
Reconnect, positive correlations between human health, intelligence and nature.
Green not Grey, therapeutic effect that greenery has on mind, body and soul.

Audio: Wonderkid Sound |
Done in partnership with Fitzroy Hawk


Clean water is essential for all life.

Water purifying plants have the power to capture and clean storm and waste water from our cities, farmland and homes returning it to maintain a valuable cyclical water pattern in harmony with nature, sustaining species rich habitats and, meeting our needs.


By 2050 we’ll need to feed two billion more people. How can we do that without overwhelming the planet? City agriculture, niche allotments, green architecture and managed natural parkland foraging all offer ways of intensify our food production using new horticultural techniques of plant production that are more in harmony with natures rhythm and modern city living.


Clean air is a basic human right and a need for all terrestrial life. The increased introduction of air purifying plants within into our cities, homes and gardens has the power to transform the air we breathe.


“The natural world’s benefits to our condition and health will be irrelevant if we continue to destroy the nature around us. But that destruction is assured without a human reconnection to nature.”
Richard Louv (author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle).

Research shows that there are important positive correlations between human health, intelligence and nature. Research reveals that children and adults are healthier, happier, and perhaps even smarter and more creative when they have a connection to nature. Today many children and adults suffer from what Richard Louv calls “nature deficit disorder” - reduced awareness and a diminished ability to find meaning in the life around us.


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